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    Monthly Archives: July 2013


    Tax Issues in Divorce: Part 2 – Maintenance

    This article is the second installment of Littleton Divorce Attorney Bonnie Shield's series on tax issues in divorce. In this segment, Bonnie explains how spousal maintenance (alimony) is treated on your taxes and how savvy lawyering can help you receive the best tax treatment on your divorce. How Alimony is Taxed If you awarded spousal [...]

    July 25th, 2013|Family Law Articles|

    Family Law Update: Florida’s Limitation on Alimony

    There has been a lot of buzz lately about a new Florida law that prohibits the granting of lifetime spousal maintenance (better known as alimony) along with other changes to the Florida alimony system. This law has ignited a nationwide discussion about how spousal maintenance should work given drastic changes to American family culture. This [...]

    July 25th, 2013|Family Law Articles, Featured|