Affordable Fees

I believe it’s important for an attorney to be upfront and honest about their fee structures and the costs of litigation. Too many clients come to me with horror stories of past attorneys telling them one price then shocking them with a much higher bill. At the Bonnie Shields Law Firm you’ll be treated fairly with affordable and predictable legal fees.

Retainer Amount

When you seek to hire a lawyer you will typically be asked to pay an up front retainer. The retainer is a sum of money that your attorney bills against at an hourly rate as they work on your case. Sometimes your retainer is just an amount needed to start work on your case, other times the retainer is a total estimate of the cost of your case. When you seek to hire Bonnie she will first meet with you to discuss your case and the expected costs of litigating it. The amount of your retainer will depend upon how complex your case is and how difficult it will be to litigate.

Legal Fees

After you hire Bonnie and pay the initial retainer she will bill against that retainer at a rate of $300.00 per hour. For an attorney with more than 26 years of legal experience that is an incredibly reasonable rate.

Payment Methods

The Bonnie Shields Law Office accepts checks and all major credit cards.