When a marriage breaks down and leads to a divorce or legal separation it’s devastating on so many levels. How will I go on without my spouse or children in my life? How will I live without my partner’s income? Who will primarily care for our children? Will I be paying everything I earn in alimony and child support? These are just a few of the concerns you probably have. Luckily, support and representation is available. Littleton Divorce Attorney Bonnie Shields can answer your questions and compassionately yet aggressively represent your interests in a divorce or legal separation in Colorado.

Understanding Divorce in Colorado

Understanding Colorado Divorce Law is critical for representing clients and giving clients the appropriate expectations in a divorce or legal separation. As an experienced Littleton Divorce Attorney, Bonnie Shields can answer your questions about separation and provide you the confidence you need to keep going. Bonnie has lived on both sides of the divorce law: as both an attorney and as a divorcee. This experience gives Bonnie a unique understanding of divorce that many other attorneys lack. Bonnie understands your concerns, provides compassionate answers to your questions, gives you realistic expectations on outcomes and aggressively represents her clients’s interests.

What to Expect in a Colorado Divorce

One of the worst parts of divorce is not knowing what to expect of the process and results. The outcomes of spousal maintenance, child support, child custody and property settlements might seem impossible to predict. This is why hiring an experienced Divorce Attorney like Bonnie Shields is essential to managing your expectations. Bonnie’s experience in litigating divorces gives her the ability to offer you a realistic assessment regarding the outcomes of these important issues. Some divorce lawyers may offer pie in the sky evaluations of your case up front, only to later disappoint clients with negative reassessments of their case and unexpectedly poor outcomes. Bonnie ensures that you enter this process with an honest and realistic evaluation of your case.

The Colorado Divorce Process

The Colorado divorce process can be difficult to understand if your case presents a variety of issues. Bonnie’s knowledge of the divorce law allows her to keep you informed and educated while making sure your rights aren’t trampled by technical rules or procedural quirks. For a basic overview of divorce in Colorado, check out this article:

Colorado Divorce Process

For more information about how the divorce process starts, read this article:

Starting a Colorado Divorce

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