Personal Injury

Have you been injured because of the actions or omissions of someone else? Understand your rights by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. Littleton Personal Injury Attorney Bonnie Shields can represent you against individuals, corporations and insurance companies to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve!

Too frequently people fail to understand the importance of seeking legal advice soon after an injury occurs. Many people don’t want to cause the trouble of suing someone, don’t recognize the seriousness of their injuries or fail to understand the long-term costs of what seems like a minor injury upfront. Other times individuals simply put off going to see an attorney until it is too late. Remember that in Colorado some injury claims can be barred in as little as 180 days. Visiting a doctor and an attorney as early as possible is important in determining the long-term ramifications of an injury and your rights to obtain compensation.

Litigating a personal injury claim is not about getting rich quick and easy, there are good reasons to sue over personal injury: the person who injured you might be consistently negligent and without legal action might hurt someone else, you could have suffered the type of injury that has persistent and long-term costs that you may not be able to recognize now or afford in the future, the person who injured you may have been involved in some sort of grossly negligent activity that is deserving of punitive damages to teach them a lesson or make an example of them. These are just a few of the reasons you should learn about your rights.

Bonnie can assist you with injuries arising from automobile accidents, slip and falls and all other types of negligence. Not sure if you have a case? Littleton Personal Injury Attorney Bonnie Shields offers a free consultation to help you understand your legal rights.

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