Family Law

Legal representation in Colorado family law cases requires compassion, experience and strength. Littleton Family Law Attorney Bonnie Shields uses these qualities to promote the interests of her clients in a wide range of family law practice areas. Whether you’re facing divorce or separation, child custody and support issues, need a civil protection order or want to modify spousal maintenance, Bonnie Shields can help you.

Divorce & Separation

Bonnie Shields isn’t your typical Littleton area divorce attorney. Bonnie has faced divorce herself and understands the emotional and financial challenges that divorce cases present. Learn more about how Bonnie can help you in your divorce or separation case by clicking here.

Child Custody & Support

Battling over child custody and support can be one of the most emotionally charged issues anyone ever faces. Luckily, Bonnie Shields isn’t just a family law attorney, she’s also a mother. Bonnie’s experience as a mother helps her to remain compassionate and supportive throughout child custody and child support cases. As your Littleton Family Law Attorney Bonnie will fight for the best interests of your child. Click these links to learn more about child support and child custody issues.

Civil Protection Orders

Physical and emotional abuse of a loved one is never acceptable or justifiable, unfortunately some people abuse the civil protection system. If you or a loved is facing physical and emotional abuse you deserve to have your questions answered and to be aware of the options. Littleton Family Law Attorney Bonnie Shields can help you obtain a civil protection order if you or your children are dealing with physical abuse. Bonnie can also help to defend against frivolous and unwarranted civil protection orders. Click this link to learn more about obtaining or defending against a Colorado Civil Protection Order.

Family Law Services