Experienced Child & Family Investigator for Colorado Divorce & Custody Cases

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Experienced Child & Family Investigator for Colorado Divorce & Custody Cases

Custody issues can generate bitter disputes both during and after divorce. When parents are not able to agree on a resolution to these disputes, a Child & Family investigator (CFI) may be appointed by the court to investigate the situation and make recommendations regarding what would be in the best interests of the involved child(ren).

When you need a knowledgeable, trusted CFI, you can turn to Attorney Bonnie Shields. Bringing more than a decade of family law experience to every case she handles, Bonnie has the skills, insight and resources to effectively investigate custody disputes and make recommendations that will promote the health and welfare of the involved child(ren).

What CFIs Do: How CFIs Fit into the Process

When custody disputes are turned over to the court to resolve, the court commonly relies on a Child & Family Investigator to conduct a thorough investigation into the family situation

Types of custody disputes that may require a CFI can include (but may not be limited to) those that involve allegations of domestic violence, as well as disagreements about:

  • Parenting time
  • The ability of either parent to care for the child(ren)
  • Whether supervised visitation is necessary
  • The health or fitness of either parent, including when either parent is alleged to have addiction or certain mental health issues
  • Relocating with the child(ren).

A CFI’s investigation into these matters can involve (but may not be limited to):

  • Interviewing both parents
  • Making home visits
  • Talking to other important figures in a child’s life, such as teachers, coaches, other relatives, etc.
  • Talking to the child about his or her wishes regarding custody – When the child’s wishes have been expressed to the CFI, the CFI is generally required to include them in his or her report.

Following these investigations, which can last up to 60 or 90 days, the CFI will report his or her findings to the court and provide recommendations on how the dispute should be resolved in order to serve the child’s best interests.

Child & Family Investigators: More Important Information

  • CFI costs are usually split between both parties – And they are generally capped at $2,750 per appointment (unless there is a court order providing for different charges).
  • CFIs can be appointed or requested – While CFIs can be appointed by the court, parents can also request a specific CFI to handle their case. Given that a CFI’s recommendations can be pivotal to the outcome of the custody dispute, retaining an experienced CFI can be essential to favorably resolving custody disputes.

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