Protection Orders

Are you being abused, harassed or stalked by someone? Have you been wrongly accused of abuse, harassment or stalking? Don’t wait too long to obtain legal assistance. Littleton Civil Protection Order Attorney Bonnie Shields can help you obtain or defend against restraining orders.

Grounds for a Colorado Civil Protection Order

Colorado provides a liberal statute for obtaining a civil protection order (sometimes referred to as a restraining order) that allows petitioners to obtain a protection order in cases of abuse, threats, harassment and stalking. Protection orders can be obtained regardless of relationship status and can be obtained in the course of a divorce or other family law proceeding if you feel threatened, abused or fearful for your personal safety or the safety of your children. Littleton Civil Protection Order attorney Bonnie Shields can help you understand the law surrounding civil protection orders and can help you petition for one if you have sufficient legal grounds.

When to Obtain a Civil Protection Order

All too frequently people fail to recognize the signs of dangerous abuse, harassment or stalking until it’s too late. A civil protection order can help to prevent violence against you and your family when you feel threatened and fear for your safety. Judge’s are available for emergency entry of a temporary protection order if you think you’re in danger. Worried that you might be over-reacting by getting a civil protection order? Time and again we see stories in the news of people paying the ultimate price because they were afraid to obtain the protection they needed. If you need help deciding whether to obtain a protection order, or need help navigating the Colorado civil protection order process, call Littleton Civil Protection Order Attorney Bonnie Shields for supportive advice.

Defending Against A Civil Protection Order

Unfortunately, some people abuse the system and use civil protection orders as leverage in child custody and divorce cases. While the civil protection order process in Colorado is intended to help those who are legitimately concerned for their safety, all too often it is easy for someone to make up false allegations as grounds for a civil protection order. If you believe someone has falsely petitioned for a civil protection order against you, you need to learn about your rights. If a civil protection order becomes permanent you could face serious unintended consequences such as having the order show up on employment background checks and not being able to carry a firearm. Littleton Civil protection Order Attorney Bonnie Shields can help you learn about your legal rights in a civil protection order action and defend you against such false claims.