This month Diane L. Danois, a divorce attorney and contributor to the Huffington Post, authored a great article on common mistakes people make that drive up their divorce costs. This article offers up wonderful insight on how you can help to keep your legal fees low by doing a few simple things. As a Littleton Divorce Attorney I wanted to expound on three of Diane’s points a bit more for the benefit of Denver area family law clients.

Mistake #1: Treating your Attorney as a Therapist

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes people make during their divorce that can dramatically increase their bill. As your Littleton divorce attorney I will always be compassionate and sympathetic to your worries and concerns, but I am only licensed to counsel you on the law. Frequent phone calls and emails that aren’t directly related to your case are usually billed back to you and result in higher legal fees. If you’re going through a lot emotionally it’s a good idea to hire a professional therapist who can talk with you about your personal concerns.

Mistake #2: Legal Advice from Non-Attorneys

It’s only natural to seek the advice and counsel of family and friends when going through difficult process of divorce. But keep in mind that your family and friends probably aren’t licensed to practice law, and although they may have experience with divorce, their circumstances could have been very different from yours. Each divorce is unique. Listening to the legal advice and experiences of friends and family often makes it more difficult for me to do my job because it focuses us on the issues of someone’s else case or misunderstandings of the law instead of on how we can best manage your situation.

Mistake #3: Pick Your Battles Wisely

Some clients want to battle over each and every detail of their divorce. As your attorney I will fight for you, but you should remember that each individual dispute prolongs this process and costs you more money. You should ask yourself whether each fight is worth the additional cost it adds to your legal bill. Of course some issues are worth fighting for, like parental responsibility. But uncompromising battle over a cheap desk with no sentimental value will probably cost more than its worth.

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